Customizable LED Cabinet Light Strips - DEKOR™ Versa Lights

Versatile Plug-N-Play LED Light Strips for use in cabinet, under cabinet & under counter

Customizable DEKOR™ Versa LED Cabinet Light Strips fit and illuminate cabinets of all sizes DEKOR™ Versa LED Cabinet Light Strips light cabinet interior Customizable Versa LED Cabinet Light Strips illuminate curio cabinet, closeup shown Product shot of customizable Versa LED Cabinet Light Strips

Versatile LED Cabinet Light Strips.   Our new Versa Lights (short for versatility) are flexible, customizable, LED strip lights with an adhesive backing. The lights are primarily intended as interior cabinet lights but potentially have many more uses, limited only by your imagination.

High Output CREE LEDs.   The lights use dimmable CREE high output LEDs that produce a warm white light you can vary with a DEKOR dimmer.

Customizable Lengths, Multiple Uses.   Versa Cabinet Light Strips can be cut/customized to pre-set lengths.  This makes the light an excellent choice for lighting the inside of cabinets with wood shelving as demonstrated in the video as well drawer interiors, closets, and hard-to fit spaces.  The applications where these lights can be used is only limited by your imagination.  Personally speaking they do a job great lighting the inside of my truck bed.

Made of a flexible material, Versa Light strips are easy to install by simply removing the paper backing from the 3M adhesive.  The 3M adhesive is extremely aggressive and is well suited for both interior and exterior applications.

Simple Installation Plug-N-Play.   When installing the Versa Lightinside of cabinets, simply drill a small hole in the bottom corner of the cabinet interior so you can route the Plug-N-Play wire under the cabinet and plug it into a splitter or transformer.

Controllers Available.   Versa Cabinet Light Strips are compatible with our under cabinet light control systems including our dimmers and motion control sensor for indoor LED lighting.

2 Purchase Options.  The Versa Light is sold in either kit form or can be ordered in a 2-pack.  The kit provides everything you need to light 2 cabinets.  The transformer supplied with the kit can supply enough power for up to 18 Versa Strips giving you lots of expansion capabilities

Versa Light Strip Highlights

  • Dimmable
  • Warm White
  • Waterproof
  • Energy Efficient
  • Adhesive Backing
  • Customizable Length
  • Easy Installation Plug-N-Play
  • 5 year Warranty

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Photo: Versa LED Light Strips

Versa Light Specs

Overall Length:  56”  (Light Strip 20”, 36” Power Cable Length)
Width:   0.312” Or 5/16”
Number Of LEDs:  12
Type Of LED:  Cree High Output 120° Beam Angle
Kelvin Rating:   3200
Lumen Output:   43
Current Draw:   1.3 Watts Per Strip
Waterproof:    Yes IP63
Dimmable:  Yes
Customizable: Yes  (They can be cut at black lines every 5” and you lose 3 LEDs each time you cut)
Connector:  Male Indoor Plug-N-Play Connector For Insertion Into Splitter
Secure Method: 3M High Tack Adhesive Strip
Outdoor Rated:  Yes (Requires Outdoor Plug-N-Play Connector Change Out)
Controls: Compatible with all DEKOR Dimmers/Transformers/Motion Control
Regulatory Compliance: ETL, UL, CE, CTICK

Interior Cabinets, Drawers, Under Cabinet, Desktop Lighting, Automotive, Railing, Step Lighting


Versa Cabinet Light Strips 2 Pack

2 - Versa Light Strips
3 - Adhesive Cable Clips (these are used to secure the excess light cable so it isn't seen)

Photo: Versa LED Cabinet Light Strips

Versa LED Cabinet Light Strip Kit

4 - Versa Light Strips
3 - Adhesive Cable Clips (these are used to secure the excess light cable so it isn't seen)
1 - Ezindoor Transformer
1 - 9 Port Splitter

Photo: Versa LED Cabinet Light Strip Kit complete

Prod ID Description UM MSRP  
VERSALIGHTSTRIP 2 Pack Versa LED Light Strip w/ Adhesive Back EA $40.77 Order
VERSALIGHTSTRIPKIT 4 Versa LED Light Strips (4) w/Indoor Transformer EA $123.58 Order


EZINDOORPOWERDRIVER EZ Indoor 24W LED Transformer EA $33.28 Order
UNDERCABSPLIT Under Cabinet Cable Splitter 9 Port EA $7.18 Order
UNDERCABDIMMER Low Profile Under Cabinet Dimmer EA $18.38 Order
UNDERCABMOTION Under Cabinet Motion And Photoelectric Activated Switch EA $19.10 Order
EZ Waterproof 36W LED Transformer EA $87.03 Order
EZMAX Waterproof 60W LED Transformer EA $129.21 Order
EZMAXC Waterproof 100W LED Transformer EA $172.99 Order
EZDIMMERWP EZ Waterproof Dimmer with Teachable Remote EA $72.70 Order


All Versa Lights & Kits: ship 1 - 2 days

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