New! LED Under Cabinet Lighting Controllers

Exclusively for our LED Under Cabinet Lights

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After less than a year since introducing DEKOR™’s under cabinet lights, DEKOR™ is responding with even more products addressing the feedback we received from our customers. You wanted more convenience and control over your under cabinet lights … we think you're going to be very pleased with what we came up with:

You spoke and we listened. You wanted a motion-activated controller, we now have one. You asked for a modular on/off switch so you could control the LED light bars individually, it's now here.

These new under cabinet accessories will enhance your under cabinet light installation, give you more control, more freedom, and ultimately increase your enjoyment of your updated kitchen.

Note: These controllers carry a 1 year warranty and are designed to be used with DEKOR™ LED Transformers.  Using non-DEKOR transformers will void the controller warranty in its entirety.

LED Under Cabinet Light Bar Modular Switch

Video Description

To give you even more flexibility and control of your under cabinet lights, we've got this great little on/off switch. Simply plug-and-play into one of the LED Under Cabinet Lights and you can control all the lights in the daisy chain. How simple is that?
connecting the under cabinet lightbar modular switch

under cabinet lightbar modular switch

This modular switch controls all under cabinet light bars connected with either ON or OFF condition.

Dimensions:   1.3” (width) x .35” (height) x 1.6” (length)
Input voltage:   12V
Max Load:   36W
Operating Temperature:   -20°C to 40°C - Indoors
Modular switch controls all lamps connected with either on or off condition

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Under Cabinet Low Profile Dimmer

Under Cabinet Light Dimmer Highlights

This is our new low-profile dimmer. Same plug-and-play technology, plugs into a light, allows you to turn it on and off and more importantly, now you can select the desired intensity of the light.

Under Cabinet DimmerWarranty

1 year.

Under Cabinet Guide

Coming Soon

Technical Features

Dimensions:   1.1” (width) x .37” (height) x 3.34” (length)
Input voltage:   12V
Ultimate Load (max):   12V/24W
Operating Temperature:   -20°C to 40°C


Forward voltage:   12 vdc
Current Draw:   0-.2 Watts
Life Expectancy:   > 10,000 hrs
Connectors:   1-Female on input, 1-Male on output with 3' Pigtail
Dimensions:   W 1.1” x  H 0.4” x  L 3.3”
IP rating:   50

Regulatory Compliance:   CE, RoHS, ETL (US and Canada).  Design is Patent Pending.

Mounting & Installation

(2) M3.0 screws included with light make it easy to install.

DEKOR under cabinet dimmer controller connection diagram

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LED Under Cabinet Motion Controller with Photocell

Video Description

This is a motion sensor with integral photo cell. So what does that do? At night, the photo cell trips. You walk in to the kitchen, the motion sensor sees motion, turns on your light. When it doesn't see motion for 30 seconds, it turns off.


  • Easy Installation
  • Male & Female Connectors
  • 1 year Warranty
DEKOR under cabinet motion controller

Technical Features

Dimensions:   1.9” (diameter) X .5 height
Operating Temperature:   -20°C to 40°
Input voltage:   DC12V
Output voltage:   DC12V
Ultimate Load (max):   36W


Forward voltage:   12 vdc
Current Draw:   .1 Watts
Connectors:   1-Male, 1-Female on 3' Pigtail
Life Expectancy:   > 10,000 hrs
Dimensions:   DIAMETER 1.9" X H .58"
IP rating:   50

DEKOR under cabinet motion controller connection diagram

Mounting & Installation

(2) M3.0 screws included with light make it easy to install.

Operational Information

1.   Automatic activation: when people enter the inductor’s effective zone, the motion detector (PIR) sensor will activate turning the lights on.
2.   Automatic de-activation: when people leave the inductive zone or people are in the state of rest, the PIR sensor will stay on for 30 seconds and then the lights will turn off.
3.   Continuous activation mode: when people have motion during the period of the time, the PIR sensor will have sense motion and the light is always on.
4.   The sensitive scope is less than 120 degree, and the maximum sensitive distance is 6 feet.

Note: The PIR sensor is only active when the photocell has been activated with the room being dark.

PIR Sensor Installation Positions

diagram of 3 mounting positions

Note: these pictures show that the PIR sensor can be installed in different positions, and then the effective zone is different. You may choose the correct mounting position according to your purpose and project.

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