Plug-N-Play: Our Waterproof Connector System

DEKOR™'s Plug-N-Play: If you can charge your cell phone, you can install our products.
Duane McCall, President and CEO of DEKOR™
Plug-N-Play polarity

DEKOR™ is now making the majority of our products Plug-N-Play. We listened to the feedback from our customers, and simple, user-friendly installation was top of the list.

DEKOR's new Plug-N-Play Connector System is completely waterproof and self-sealing, removing the need for stripping wires and wire nuts. Just plug male into female connectors – it's that simple.

Plug-N-Play takes the guess-work out of installation; no need to track the polarity (red and black wires) because DEKOR™ connectors are keyed to plug in the correct way.

Integrate with Transformers and Controllers

DEKOR now has an adapter cable that can plug into a transformer on one end and intoi a female connector on the other. You can plug directly into a 6-Port Splitter or other female connector.

EZPLUGNPLAY20TRANSCONNECT connection to transformer     Transformer connects to Plug-N-Play connector

Connect with our Plug-N-Play Cables

Plug-N-Play cables are available in a variety of lengths to accommodate virtually any project. For landscape lighting applications we have very long cables in 40' and 60' lengths.

Plug-N-Play connector cables of from 5 feet to 60 feet in length

The cable material used is marked with a red (+) sign which allows you to cut the cable if needed and still track wire polarity.

The cable material is also outdoor rated and direct bury making it an ideal choice for our landscape lights.

6 port Plug-N-Play splitter

Streamline Installation with our 6-Port Splitter

Plug any male Plug-N-Play connector into our 6-Port Splitter and you now have the ability to provide power to up to 5 different lights or power 4 lights and use the remaining port to plug another splitter into at a different project location.

Plug-N-Play female to female connector

Extend Standard Cables with our Female-To-Female Connector

Use our Female-To-Female connector to chain or extend our standard length cables.

Prod ID Description UM MSRP  
EZPLUGNPLAYSPLITTER 6-Port Plug and Play Splitter EA $4.63 Order
EZPLUGNPLAYFTOFCONNECTOR Plug-N-Play Female to Female Connector EA $2.69 Order
EZPLUGNPLAY20TRANSCONNECT Tranformer to Splitter WP Connectors 20' Length EA $13.64 Order
EZPLUGNPLAY5CABLE Plug and Play 5' Cable (Male Connector Ends) EA $3.81 Order
EZPLUGNPLAY10 Plug-N-Play 10' Cable (Male Connector Ends) EA $6.62 Order
EZPLUGNPLAY20 Plug-N-Play 20' Cable (Male Connector Ends) EA $13.24 Order
EZPLUGNPLAY40 Plug-N-Play 40' Cable (Male Connector Ends) EA $26.48 Order
EZPLUGNPLAY60 Plug-N-Play 60' Cable (Male Connector Ends) EA $39.72 Order