LED Landscape Lights, Low Voltage LED Landscape Lighting from DEKOR™

LED Landscape Lighting from DEKOR - Made in USA LED landscape lighting for uplighting - The Puck Landscape Light LED landscape lighting for gardens - The Empress Landscape Light LED landscape lights for facade lighting, tree lighting - The Ginny Landscape Light LED landscape lighting for path lighting, walkway lighting - The Empress and Ginny Landscape Lights LED Landscape lighting - flood lights - The Radiance Lanscape Light from DEKOR High output LED Landscape Spotlights from DEKOR LED landscape lights for facade lighting, tree lighting - The Ginny Landscape Light LED garden accent lighting- The Puck Landscape Light LED landscape accent lighting - for stone gardens, steps, ponds - The Ginny Landscape Light LED Hardscape Lighting - for steps, pathways, and walkways

Original LED Landscape Lights Made in the USA

LED Landscape Lighting beautifies your garden, extends your outdoor living space, reduces energy costs, and adds value safety, and security to your home.  DEKOR™ offers original, never-seen-before designs to give you new and creative choices for adding dramatic lighting effects or a welcoming glow to your outdoor projects.  Our LED landscape lights are robust, waterproof, built on CREE's innovative LED technology, and backed by long warranties.  Build your original landscape lighting solution with confidence from path lights and garden lights, façade lighting, flood lights, spotlights, patio lights , retaining wall lights, and more. Build it your way with DEKOR™'s unmatched versatility.

Empress Landscape Light

The Empress LED Landscape Light

A diamond in the night! This new decorative LED garden light, LED path light will enhance the beauty and enjoyment of your garden and home while freeing you from unpleasant maintenance. Innovative design, waterproof, CREE LEDs, 5 year / 30 year warranty, made in USA. Now Plug-N-Play!

Usage: garden lighting, path lighting

EMPRESSLL Empress Landscape Light EA $70.71 Order

Ginny Landscape Light

The Ginny LED Landscape Light

This sleek, modern LED landscape light can be positioned in a 180° arc. You can angle the fixture to face completely down for pathway lighting or bend it completely back to light up a tree, large shrubs, or the façade of a house. Quality construction, waterproof, CREE LEDs, 5 year / 30 year warranty, made in USA.

Usage: uplighting, façade lighting, path lighting

GINLL Ginny Landscape Light EA $71.15 Order

Puck Landscape Light

The Puck LED Landscape Light

This surface-mounted light can be positioned on any yard surface, no digging required. The Puck Landscape Light can be placed to uplight the perimeter of a shrub, positioned to light a tree, or used to illuminate a 90° corner. Robust construction, waterproof, CREE LEDs, 5 year / 30 year warranty, made in USA.

Usage: uplighting, well lights

PUCKLL Puck Landscape Light EA $38.63 Order

Radiance Landscape Light

The Radiance LED Landscape Light

This robust LED landscape light features high light output, incredible efficiency and versatility of use. The light projects a wide 120° swath of light and can be positioned to face down, straight up, and anywhere in-between. Quality construction, waterproof, CREE LEDs, 5 year / 30 year warranty, made in USA.

Usage: flood light, uplighting

RADLL Radiance Landscape Light EA $62.46 Order

Hi Output Spot Lights

High Output LED Landscape Spotlights

DEKOR™'s LED Landscape Spotlight features high light output (500 Lumens) in one of the smallest packages on the market. The fixture can be rotated 90° and tilt 130°; just swivel to point the light where you want it. Rugged construction, waterproof, CREE LEDs, 5 year / 30 year warranty, made in USA. Plug-N-Play.

Usage: landscape spotlight , garden spotlight

SPOTLL Hight Output LED Landscape Spot Light EA $66.99 Order

LED Hardscape Wall Lights

New LED Hardscape Wall Lights

LED Hardscape Lighting for Retaining Walls - DEKOR™'s new Hardscape Wall and Corner Lights add dramatic lighting effects to retaining walls and other masonry. Robust construction, waterproof, CREE LEDs, Plug-N-Play, 5 year / 10 year warranty, made in USA. Plug-N-Play - no wire nuts required.

Usage: wall lights, retaining wall lights, brick post lights

MASONRYXX Hardscape Wall Light EA $59.93 Order
MASONRYCORNERXX Hardscape Corner Light EA $31.20 Order

Radiance MultiFunction Light

The Radiance MultiFunction Light

This version of the Radiance light can be mounted on any solid vertical surface – brick walls, decks, steps, and more. The light's multi-functional nature and flexible positioning give you design freedom for truly creative outdoor lighting. Robust construction, waterproof, CREE LEDs, 5 year / 30 year warranty, made in USA.

Usage: wall lights, step lights, uplighting, downlighting

RADML Radiance Multi-Function Light EA $54.27 Order

Dek Dots embedded in a concrete walkway

Dek Dots LED Recessed Lights

Dek Dots are totally flush recessed lights designed to be walked upon. They are waterproof and completely sealed. Originally designed as deck and patio lights, these versatile lights can be embedded in concrete or brick pavers for lighting pathways,walkways, driveways, & more. CREE LEDs, 10 year warranty, made in USA.

Usage: patio lighting, path lighting, walkways, driveways

DEKDOTKITOUT DEK DOT Light Kit Outdoor EA $242.58 Order

Colors: Hammered White 01, Bronze Suede 03, Antique Metal Black 05, Oil Rubbed Bronze 07, Brown Speckle 08,  Dark Copper Vein 10 and  Gloss Black 14
CREE LEDs inside
LED Green Technology - Energy Star Partner
Made in the USA

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DEKOR™ LED Landscape Light Features and Benefits

Warm white light. Each light casts a natural looking, soft white light that will bring out the beauty of your home or landscape and blend well with other DEKOR™ LED accent lighting, incandescent lighting or light from other high quality light fixtures.

Low voltage safety. Our landscape lights are all "low voltage" so they are safer to handle and more cost effective to operate than regular high voltage lighting. You will need a "low voltage" LED transformer to power your light installation. Visit our transformer calculator to select the appropriate power driver for your project.

Dimmable CREE LEDs. All our landscape lights use waterproof CREE LEDs which are 25% brighter, ultra-efficient, and long lasting. They are highly reliable under a wide range of environmental conditions, making them ideal for outdoor use. The lights can be dimmed using a DEKOR™ dimmer.

30 - 5 Year Warranty!

Rugged, long lasting, and durable construction. We use only the finest components and materials. The housings are built from cast aluminum / aircraft grade aluminum. The LEDs are waterproof and protected by a strong lens or shield that will not crack or yellow with age. The aluminum housings are treated to resist corrosion before powder coating and UV protection is built into the powder coat formulation, making the finish long lasting and durable. Each of our landscape lights is backed by our 5 / 30 year warranty and is made with pride right here in the USA.

Accessories for your Project

EZ Waterproof 36W LED Transformer EA $87.03 Order
EZMAX Waterproof 60W LED Transformer EA $129.21 Order
EZMAXC Waterproof 100W LED Transformer EA $172.99 Order
EZDIMMERWP EZ Waterproof Dimmer, Teachable Remote EA $72.70 Order
EZTIMER EZ Photocell Timer EA $24.56 Order
WIRE18/2LV100 Wire Outdoor Rated 100 FT EA $26.14 Order