High Output LED Landscape Spotlights - Gang and Tree Gang Spotlights

LED Landscape Light Gang Spot light closeup LED Landscape Light Gang Spot lights LED Landscape Light Gang Spot lights LED Landscape Light Gang Spot lights DEKOR Tree Spotlight -  LED Landscape Light Gang Spotlight
Colors: Hammered White 01, Bronze Suede 03, Antique Metal Black 05, Oil Rubbed Bronze 07, Brown Speckle 08,  Dark Copper Vein 10 and  Gloss Black 14
CREE LEDs inside
LED Green Technology - Energy Star Partner
Made in the USA

LED Landscape Spotlights with Multiple Spot Fixtures

Following the release of our High Output LED Landscape Spotlight, we are pleased to announce that our LED Landscape Gang Spotlights now available. We call it a "Gang" light as each The light is available with 2 or 3 light fixtures. The Gang can be configured to support up to 5 housings for the ulimate in versatility. Available as a landscape spotlight or tree light.

CREE XLamp Technology.  We use CREE’s latest second generation XLAMP technology. With DEKOR™ and CREE’s branding partnership we have access to the latest LED technology from what we consider the “best in class” LED innovator. This LED is actually not a single LED but actually 82 individual leds.

Full Angular and Rotational Articulation  Each light housing can articulate a full 130° about it’s pivot point and the housing itself will rotate 45° in both directions further allowing you to put the light where you want it.

Energy Efficient.  The light is extremely efficient in power consumption as each light comes with a step-up transformer which increases the efficiency of the LED to the point it is drawing less than 670 milliamps of power. This allows you the ability to run multiple lights (6) from a single 5 amp DEKOR™ transformer.

Waterproof.  The light is waterproof so rain or sprinkler systems are of no concern. Each light is subjected to a water test to make sure the light is impervious to water as well as an extensive bench testing to make sure the light performs to the highest standards.

Robust Construction.  The Gang Spotlight is made from die cast aluminum components which are powder coated in our own facility and assembled using all stainless steel fasteners. We use a high output lens on the light which intensifies and focuses the light.

Plug-N-Play Connectors.  uses DEKOR™'s waterproof Plug-N-Play connector system for fast, simple installation.

30 - 5 Year Warranty!
Photo: Tree Gang LED Landscape Spotlight
  • Waterproof (IP 65 rating)
  • Warm White Light
  • Dimmable CREE XLAMP LED
  • Full Angular and Rotational Articulation
  • 90° Head Rotation
  • 130° Head Tilting
  • High Output 500 Lumens
  • One of the Smallest Spotlights on the Market
  • Runs virtually at ambient temperature
  • Minimal Installation
  • Robust Construction
  • Rugged, long lasting and durable, backed by our 5 year/ 30 year warranty
  • Made in USA


Please contact DEKOR directly at 1-800-258-0344 for current package contents.

NOTE: Wire is not included as each project is unique.

High Output Spotlight Features & Benefits

Dimmable CREE LED.  CREE's high output XLAMP LED is the second generation of what was already a great product. The XLAMP LED is not a single LED but an array of LEDs, giving tremendous light output with a very small footprint. This allows the very small housing diameter that encloses the LED. The LED is highly reliable under a wide range of environmental conditions, making them ideal for outdoor landscape lighting use. The DEKOR™ Spotlight is dimmable when used with the water proof EZDimmer.

Warm white light.  The Spot light casts a natural looking, soft white light and shares the same "warm white" color spectrum (3200°K) as our deck lighting products.

Waterproof.  The Spotlight is waterproof (IP 65). It will withstand water from sprinkler systems, powerful water jets, as well as the most brutal downpour.

Quality and Robustness You Can Feel.  The Spot Landscape light has that robust feel that our customers have come to expect from DEKOR™. The housing is made from aircraft grade aluminum with structural welds at key locations and the product has a weight and heft to it, reflecting the solid construction and quality of materials used. The landscape spike, hinge, and end piece are all built from die-cast aluminum. Rugged, long lasting, and durable. The light has a robust die cast alujminum fixture with a corrosion resistant coating applied before powder coating. UV protection is built into the powder coat formulation, making the finish long lasting and durable. The XLAMP LED is protected by a polycarbonate lens that will not crack or yellow with age.

Made in America.  High Output Spot Landscape lights are built right here in Denver, Colorado from the finest components and materials. The CREE LED we use is manufactured in Durham, NC and the powder coating is done locally at Mile High Powder Coating. Backed by our 5 year / 30 year warranty.

The Technology Behind Our LED Landscape Spotlights

DEKOR™ is extremely proud of our new High Output Spotlight. Its name depicts it ability to project a large amount of light from a very small housing while staying virtually cool to the touch which no other landscape light has done before. It’s multi-functionality allows it to be used to light a step, a roof soffit, pathways, landscaping or the side of a house, to name just a few of the possibilities. This is one light we highly recommend adding our dimmer too.

It took some time to perfect this design as it needed to hit on several fronts that I knew were important to our customers. The unit is waterproof, easily installed, very powerful and efficient, has a 5 year warranty and has that robust feel that our customers have come to expect from DEKOR™. I’m very proud of the final design and how it projects vast amounts of light (500 Lumens).

The light has the latest in high output LED technology, CREE XLAMP, allowing unparallel efficiency performance of less than 7 watts of power consumption making this light very stingy on the electricity. Would you expect anything less from DEKOR™’s LED Green Technology? The light's very smooth color of 3200 Kelvin color combines the softness of white with the warm glow of slight yellow. This is DEKOR™’s trademark color and very few others can or will put this expense into their LEDs.The unit is completely waterproof so whether you orient the light up or down makes no difference to its longevity and makes for a perfect fit in outdoor landscape applications. The housing is made from die cast aluminum which is treated to resist corrosion prior to having a powder coating finish applied at our facility. The light has a 6’ all weather electrical pigtail which allows for easy installation and wire termination.

Our landscape light has swivel capability allowing the customer to direct the light where they want it. Point the light downwards for walkways or shrubbery or straight into the air for lighting the side of a house.

The polycarbonate lens protecting the LED’s is extremely strong as well as being UV stable which means it will not yellow regardless of environment severity. The lens provides a second function of amplifying and condensing the light into the Spot effect you are seeking.

High Output Landscape Spotlight Specs

Housing Diameter: 1.7"  
Housing Length: maximum 3" 
Life Expectancy:   > 20,000 hrs Light Color Temperature:   3200 ° K
Light Output:   500 Lumens
Manufacturer:   Made in the USA
Waterproof:   Yes
IP Rating:   65

Prod ID Description UM MSRP  
SPOTGANG2LLxx Spot Gang Landscape Light w/Two Light Modules EA $134.11 Order
SPOTGANG3LLxx Spot Gang Landscape Light w/Three Light Modules EA $186.09 Order
TREEGANG2LLxx Tree Gang Landscape Light w/Two Light Modules EA $126.88 Order
TREEGANG3LLxx Tree Gang Landscape Light w/Two Light Modules EA $183.04 Order

Plug-N-Play Connector Options

EZPLUGNPLAYSPLITTER 6-Port Plug and Play Splitter EA $4.63 Order
EZPLUGNPLAYFTOFCONNECTOR Plug-N-Play Female to Female Connector EA $2.69 Order
EZPLUGNPLAY20TRANSCONNECT Tranformer to Splitter WP Connectors 20' Length EA $13.64 Order
EZPLUGNPLAY5CABLE Plug and Play 5' Cable (Male Connector Ends) EA $3.81 Order
EZPLUGNPLAY10 Plug-N-Play 10' Cable (Male Connector Ends) EA $6.62 Order
EZPLUGNPLAY20 Plug-N-Play 20' Cable (Male Connector Ends) EA $13.24 Order
EZPLUGNPLAY40 Plug-N-Play 40' Cable (Male Connector Ends) EA $26.48 Order
EZPLUGNPLAY60 Plug-N-Play 60' Cable (Male Connector Ends) EA $39.72 Order
Plug-N-Play connector cables of from 5 feet to 60 feet in length

Accessories for your Project

EZ Waterproof 36W LED Transformer EA $87.03 Order
EZMAX Waterproof 60W LED Transformer EA $129.21 Order
EZMAXC Waterproof 100W LED Transformer EA $172.99 Order
EZDIMMERWP EZ Waterproof Dimmer, Teachable Remote EA $72.70 Order
EZTIMER EZ Photocell Timer EA $24.56 Order
WIRE18/2LV100 Wire Outdoor Rated 100 FT EA $26.14 Order


All Landscape Lights: ship 2 - 3 days

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Plug-N-Play Connector System

36 Watt Waterproof LED Transformer   EZDIMMERWP   EZTIMER Photo Activated Timer