Video FAQ 07 Troubleshooting Basics

Dekor FAQs 07: Troubleshooting Basics. Transcript below.

What if I mix up the wires? Will I hurt the LEDs? The answer that is no you will not.

If i hold the wires coming out the transformer will i be hurt? No you will not. DC is a very safe voltage, you're only operating at twelve volts.

If my lights don't light and you think you've done everything correctly, you need to start chasing the voltage. it's always about chasing the voltage.

Does the light come on the timer? If not then it's probably a switched outlet.

If it's on and you've turned it on to the manual position, check the voltage coming out of the transformer. How do you do that? Take one of the lights, hook it up to the plus and minus and see if it lights up.

So it is all about finding where the voltage is. If there's no voltage to the light obviously they're not going to work.

LEDs are polarity sensitive. So we've talked about the red coming out of the transformer; all of our lights have a black and red wire to them.

Okay so what we're trying to do is we're trying to maintain the polarity all the way through the circuit.

What if you make some mix 'em and match 'em somewhere in the middle of the circuit? They'll light up to that point but from there forward it won't light.

If you see a flickering in your lights, there's a short someplace, it's not in the lights. It could be you put a screw through one of the wires and it's arcing.

The transformer has a lot of built-in technology overload. Even if there's a small short, it's going to reset itself but it's resetting itself very quickly - twenty thousand times. But when you exceed that twenty thousand times because of a short, it shuts down. So the transformer goes away

Find the problem and it's normally in the wiring.