Video FAQ 04 Forstner Bit

Dekor FAQs 04: Forstner Bit. Transcript below.

DEKOR™ developed a specific size Forstner Bit for the recessed lights, the dek dots, stair fittings, baluster fittings, the end caps we call them.

Why is it a special size? Well, we found after powder coating that the diameter increased, so we custom-ground a Forstner Bit so that everything you install is going to fit nice and snug, not too tight, not too loose. You remember, DEKOR™’s about quality and also quality of the installation.

So the Forstner Bit allows you a good installation. The Forstner Bit is – it’s a very good one, but if you’re drilling into Ipe, make sure you order additional ones ‘cause Ipe’s very tough.