Video FAQ 03 Postcaps & Post Lamps

Dekor FAQs 03: Postcaps. Transcript below.

Wiring Post Caps
Wiring Post Lamps

Securing Post Caps
Wiring Lights on Risers

Before Mounting

Okay, here we have a Big Kahuna Post Cap. If you look internal to it, it’s got our LEDs in it and what we call a light bar on four sides, but a wire that comes out of each one of the light bars. So how do you wire this up? It’s a matter of just teaming up the red ones together, okay, wiring those to the plus side of your main bus wire, and using the waterproof outdoor wire nuts to make the connection.

Our post lamp, you’re gonna see the same thing. You’ve got multiple LEDs and a wire that feeds each one of the LEDs. Same thing applies; put the red wires together, the black wires together, and that’s what you’re going to terminate and wire nut into the main bus connection. The bracket on this is just two woodscrews. Put that in place, do the wire connection, and slide it in place and you’re done.  Post Lamp Install Instructions

Post caps, one of the questions is how do you secure these. People are concerned about high winds or somebody stealing ‘em.

It’s very simple. All you do is take a dab of silicon adhesive in a couple of the corners, settle it down, level it out, let it dry, and you’re done. In the event that there’s some problems with the lights later on, it’ll still break loose when you take it off.

Riser lights, you know, it’s not uncommon to have, you know, two, two and a half foot spacing. Instead of having to run wires in between, bring all the wires together. Wire nut ‘em together and then put the bus wire into that wire nut. It saves a lot of time.

One of the things you need to always do in your projects is think about where you’re running the wire. Run the bus wire before. A lot of the composite companies have sleeves now, so put the wire up through the sleeve. Put a little loop in it and then go to the next post and do the same thing, okay. So the wire’s already there prior to installing it.

Whether you’re putting a post cap on or a post nut, drill through there, pull the bus wire out, make the termination, and then put the post lamp or post cap on at that point.