Elite Post Lamp • LED Post Light, LED Deck Light

LED Post Light, LED Deck Light with Customizable Light Display

Elite Deck Lights by DEKOR™ illuminate deck in winter Elite Deck Lights - more views

The Elite Bidirectional LED Post Lamp. Not too many low profile lights have the ability to show a different light pattern when rotated. The new Elite Post Lamp does just that. With two separate sized light windows you now have the ability to customize the look that you want.

Dimmable LED Green Technology. This sexy light puts out an incredible amount of light using the latest in LED technology. The light only requires ¾ of 1 watt to run. In other words 4 of these lights cost less to run than one 4 watt night light. Incredible efficiency wouldn’t you say? The light is dimmable when used with the DEKOR™ EZDimmer or EZDimmerWP.

CREE LEDs. The Elite Post Lamp is built with high quality CREE LEDs, known for their long life, superior energy efficiency, and super bright light. DEKOR™ is a CREE LEDs Branding Partner.

Warm white light. The light (3200K) matches all of DEKOR’s special light spectrum so use the light with other DEKOR products with confidence. Combine with our lighted post caps, dek dots, outdoor recessed lights for the ultimate in deck lighting or use them alone for striking illumination effects (see photo right).

30 - 10 Year Warranty!

Rugged, long lasting beauty. The light is moisture proof and built to be used outdoors but will look equally at home in the inside of a house. Alodine coating of the die cast body with the UV protection built into the powder coat make our products long lasting and durable. The light comes with DEKOR™’s unparalleled warranty of 10 years on the LEDs and 30 years on the powder coated finish applied at our facility.

Low Profile. The light is barely ½” tall which allows the light to be hidden and unobtrusive which is a hallmark of a number of DEKOR™ product. Not only is the light low profile but measuring only 2.5” square if fits comfortably just about anywhere. The light can easily be used for stairs, on the side of a house, etc. We’ll just wait for our cutomers to find all the clever uses.

Easy Installation. Installation is absolutely simple. Just drill a hole using our custom Forstner bit and slip the light in place, no fasteners required - how cool is that?

Made in America. Innovation still happens right here at home. The Elite post light is made in the USA from the finest components and materials. The CREE LEDs we use are manufactured in Durham, NC and the powder coating is done locally at Mile High Powder Coating, our sister company.

DEKOR™ Elite Post Lamp

Elite Post Lamp Highlights

  • Dimmable
  • Warm White
  • Low Profile
  • Water Resistant
  • Energy Efficient
  • Easy Installation
  • 10 year Warranty for lights
  • 30 year powder coat warranty
  • Made in USA

Accessories & Related Products

Photo: Elite Post Lamp

Colors: Hammered White 01, Antique Metal Black 05, Oil Rubbed Bronze 07 and Dark Copper Vein 10, Bronze Age III 12, Bronze Semi-Gloss 13, Gloss Black 14, Hammered Bronze 20

Elite Light Specs

Solid Aluminum Die Cast Housing with Powder Coating Finish
Size:   2.5” Square X .5” Tall
Power Consumption:   0.8 watts
Lumen Output:   Large opening 8.1
Small opening:   4.5
Color Temperature:   3200K
IP Rating:   35
6’ Wire Pigtail
ETL Listed
RoSH Compliant

Lights are water resistant / moisture proof, meaning they will withstand rain and low pressure water spray or jets from any direction. They are not designed to be sprayed with high pressure sprayers or immersed in water.

Hammered White 01, Antique Metal Black 05, Oil Rubbed Bronze 07 and Dark Copper Vein 10.



All Elite lights: ship 2 - 3 days

Questions? 1-800-258-0344

LED Transformer Calculator

Prod ID Description UM MSRP  
PLExx Elite Post Lamp Bidirectional EA $39.61 Order

Accessories for your Project

EZ Waterproof 36W LED Transformer
(supports 46 Elite Lights)
EA $87.03 Order
EZMAX Waterproof 60W LED Transformer
(supports 78 Elite Lights)
EA $129.21 Order
EZMAXC Waterproof 100W LED Transformer
(supports 130 Elite Lights)
EA $172.99 Order
EZDIMMERWP EZ Waterproof Dimmer, Teachable Remote EA $72.70 Order
EZTIMER EZ Photocell Timer EA $24.56 Order
WIRE18/2LV100 Wire Outdoor Rated 100 FT EA $26.14 Order
FB Forstner Bit .900" Only EA $16.44 Order