See finished DIY projects by real DEKOR™ customers.

Steve Romnes

This past summer is did a patio with an outdoor pizza oven and installed the DekDots in the concrete. When people come over they love the pizza oven but when I hit the remote for the DekDots I almost always get the same response "Those are so cool… Are they right in the concrete and how did you do that?". I will be purchasing another kit this year for my fathers project. Just wanted to share the photos.
Steve Romnes, December 26, 2012

Kurt from Minnesota

Kurt's projects feature DEKOR™ LED Under Cabinet Lights and Lighted Post Caps

After installing my DEKOR under cabinet lights, I was very impressed with the quality and warmth of the light as well as the ease of installation.  The lights, combined with the EZ Remote Dimmer, allow me to set the mood in my kitchen with ease.  The thin profile of the lights combined with the energy savings of LED lighting make the DEKOR under cabinet lights the only sensible choice for kitchen lighting needs.
Kurt from Minnesota, October 3, 2011

John C. from Detroit

John sent us a link to his video of his Dek Dots dock project uploaded to YouTube earlier this year.

Under Construction

Finished Dek Dots Project At Night

Using your dek dots
to whom it may concern;
just wanted to say that we installed your dek dots on my dock and love how they look.  will be ordering more soon.  take a look at the video of how they look.  if anyone asks about putting your product on docks show them this...
John C, October 21, 2011