DEKOR™ is now a CREE LEDs Branding Partner

DEKOR™ is extremely proud to announce the new branding partnership between DEKOR™ and CREE LED, located in Durham, North Carolina. CREE is recognized as the leader in LED components for lighting and is the most trusted name in the LED industry. CREE has spent over 20 years developing an array of new technologies that far surpass its competitors, setting the standard by which all other LEDs are measured.

Currently our line of LED Under Cabinet Lights and our new LED Landscape Lights use CREE LEDs. All new products will use CREE LEDs. The rest of our product lines will be converted over to CREE LEDs by August 31, 2013.

DEKOR™ + CREE LEDs: Best In Class LED Lighting

DEKOR™ has partnered with CREE to give you the best lighting possible. These new lights are 25% brighter and are longer lasting. By choosing DEKOR™, you have access to Cree’s unparalleled innovation and proven technology that delivers the industry’s most reliable and highest performing LEDs.

CREE LEDs are known for:

  • Superior performance
  • Superior energy efficiency
  • High quality
  • Long life
  • Super bright light
  • Mercury-free
  • A higher L Value ( less "light loss" over time )
  • A higher CRI or Color Rendering Index than typical LEDs ( better color reproduction compared to an ideal or natural light source )

CREE LEDs are the industry’s most reliable and best performing LEDs. They are also continually being upgraded, and being made smaller and brighter. By buying DEKOR™ LED lighting products with CREE LEDs, you will always be getting leading edge technology.

DEKOR™ Product Quality Confirmed
by CREE’S Rigorous TEMPO 24 Testing

To become a CREE LEDs Branding partner, DEKOR™ products were subjected to CREE’s rigorous TEMPO 24 (Thermal Electrical Mechanical Photometric Optical) testing. The photometric and performance tests are highly comprehensive, and exceed industry standards. This testing ensures and confirms product design and quality.

All testing was conducted at the Cree Durham Technology Center, which has been accredited by The National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP). The CREE lab offers testing not available elsewhere, including lifetime projection testing. Please see below.

DEKOR™ + CREE LEDs: Better Products, Better Value

In summary, "CREE LEDs inside" means

  • Better, more robust products
  • Better value - more bang for your buck
  • Peace of mind for our customers

We look forward to working with CREE to promote the adoption of quality LED Lighting and to using CREE’s latest LEDs in all DEKOR™ products.


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