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Our Premier LED Under Cabinet Lights

NEW! Versa Light strips can be cut/customized to pre-set lengths. This light is an excellent choice for lighting the inside of cabinets with wood shelving as demonstrated in the video as well drawer interiors, closets, and hard-to fit spaces.

We offer a complete LED Under Cabinet Lighting solution. First our "plug and play" LED Under Cabinet Light Bars … then our LED Under Cabinet Spot Lights, 24" LED Under Cabinet Light Bars and accessories. The new Versa Cabinet Light Strips offer the same DEKOR™ quality and value. Illuminate your cabinets, highlight your countertops and backsplash, light dark corners, and eliminate shadows.

New LED Landscape Lights, Path Lights, Uplighting

LED Landscape Lights, Path Lights, Uplighting

The Ginny Landscape Light. This modern LED landscape light has 180° degrees of positioning freedom. You can angle the fixture to face completely down for pathway lighting or bend it completely back to light up a tree, large shrubs, or the façade of a house.

The Empress Landscape Light. Enjoy more and maintain less! This new decorative LED garden light and path light from DEKOR™ will enhance the beauty and enjoyment of your garden while freeing you from unpleasant maintenance.

The Puck Landscape Light. Uplighting made easy! The Puck landscape light can be positioned on any yard surface, no digging required. Light a tree, illuminate a corner, nestle in pebbles or stones for a recessed look.

Dek Dots Recessed Lights • LED Deck & Patio Lights

Photo: DEK DOTS as Stair Lighting
DEK DOTS LED Recessed Deck Lights

The smallest, brightest and easiest LED recessed deck light to install.

Designed to be walked upon.  Embeddable in concrete.
enlarge Photo Enlargement: DEK DOTS LED Recessed Lights


Light the Night with our distinctive LED Lighting …

LED Recessed Lights & Light Kits • Indoor • Outdoor

Photo: Outdoor LED Recessed Lights Deck, Steps, Concrete

The Millennium Collection from DEKOR™ takes mood lighting to a whole new dimension with small yet powerful LED lights that offer reliability, function and style, indoors or out.  Our signature LED recessed lights are perfect for outdoor decks, docks, and patios.  Install them indoors in floors, stairs, or even under cabinets -- wherever accent lighting is desired.

Our premium quality LED recessed lights emit a clean warm white light, the ambience of incandescent lighting, but in a small energy efficient package.  They are dimmable, waterproof, easy to install, and backed by an unbeatable 10 year warranty. The best value LED recessed lights and light kits on the market!

Outdoor LED Stair Light Kit
Outdoor LED Down Light Kit

Indoor LED Stair Light Kit
Indoor LED Down Light Kit

LED Deck Lighting • Post Caps • Post Lights • Post Lamps

Photo: Millenium LED Lighted Post Caps

Our LED lighted post caps, post lights and post lamps add elegance, ambiance, safety, and security to your deck, dock, patio, garden, or back yard.  All our LED deck lighting products are crafted from quality materials and are designed to be both rugged and durable. 30/10 year warranty. Set the mood with DEKOR™.

Deck Balusters, Aluminum Balusters With LED Lights

Photo: Millenium LED Lighted Post Caps

Photo: Basketed Aluminum Balusters with LED Lights

Illuminations - premium quality aluminum balusters with LED lights. This is where it all started all those years ago. Our signature look that is patented and belongs to DEKOR™.

I can’t tell you how many customers have raved about their projects when they chose to use our lighted baluster products. They tend to use words like “awesome”, “incredible”, “your pictures don’t do it justice”, and even a "breathtaking" comment or two.

Photo: Casey Collar Aluminum Balusters with LED Lights

DEKOR™ sets the bar for quality and craftsmanship with our outdoor lighting and railing products. Our LED technology is second to none and our lighted balusters come with an unbeatable 30/10 year warranty. You will enjoy many years of wonderful nights admiring the star like quality of our illuminated balusters and relaxing in their welcoming glow.

Directional Lighting Spotlight: Our Petite Directional Lights

Photo: Millenium Petite Lights - LED Directional Lights

Photo: Millenium Petite Post Lamps - Directional Lighting

Directional lighting is where it’s at so to speak. Our Petite Post Lamps measure just 1.25" wide by 1.25" deep but project a strong beam of light just perfect for lighting up a special area.

Full 360° rotation, 35° light angle.  By simply turning the fixture in the mounting hole you’re able to put the light where you want it. We use our premium LEDs in this package giving unprecedented longevity and low energy use.  Whether mounted on a deck post or hanging from a house soffit they are truly universal in usage.

The Best Value for your Money

  • Custom look & feel
  • Full suite of color matched products
  • Innovative designs
  • Tough standards
  • Premium quality
  • American craftsmanship
  • LED green technology
  • EnergyStar Partner
  • Long lasting, durable
  • Industry leading warranties
  • Ease of installation
  • Great customer service

We Custom Make To Order

DEKOR™ is a “make to order” company.  Because each order is unique and our products have to meet higher quality standards and a higher standard of craftsmanship than mass-produced products, we ask you to review the lead time guidelines below when placing your order.


Light kits, transformers: normally ship next day
Other products: ship in 8 - 10 working days

Call 1-800-258-0344

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